This that haunt us .. Are dreams who involved in the evening And recall, that have been in the dark Acquires force, against boredom Onto the fear and fighting consciousness Creates imaginative thoughts Destroying toryism and seduce the purity Reproduce the vision of spiritual liberation And classifies life into a blooming game Releases from hallucinations Inactivates the slumber of virginity Awaits dipped in the sea of inspiration This that haunts us.. Are the dreams, that come just before the dawn And create soft flakes of subsistence Like a strange screams, of deposition.
So many thoughts and expectations and in depth , an absolute vacuum This road stretching in front of me is decorated with scheming People's eyes , there is a fault underground misleading An air filled with toxins white doves as a pushy’s purpose Seamless coordinates hardship with arrows ready to attack The need of enforcement mutates time inserted / by unbridled flow Tide sweeping the reputation Unequal battle , a moral disgrace Humiliation is scraping my ego structure memory , uneven mistakes.
Abyss of the human soul a rough diamond in the desert In the lower world, travel enslaved with the hope, to be released again As a shadow roam in desperate paths and twitter around them like the bats Sacred place dedicated to Hecate the forecourt, of the baleful of Hades..


released March 21, 2014

Music by Hjördis-Britt Åström and (3) Kriistal Ann (synths and fx), lyrics and vocal by Kriistal Ann.
Artwork by Kriistal Ann
Hjördis-Britt Åström:
Kriistal Ann:




Hjördis-Britt Åström Moscow, Russia

«Hjördis-Britt Åström» is a music label that was formed and run by multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ, sound-engineer, artist and supermaster Dmitry Gruber in 2014.
One day his unhuman creative power multiplied with eternal energy and the journey into the Abyss has begun.
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